Limo Anchorage Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit on the number of hours that I can book service?

The only limit that we put on hours is if there is already a pre-existing service booked with the same vehicle that you have booked. This means that any overage on your booking would cause there to be a conflict with a pre-existing reservation. Other than that, our driver can drive you for as long as he is legally allowed to drive on one shift!

Can a vehicle really fit what they say they can fit?

We will admit that the seating does run a bit on the small side. So instead of saying a 24 passenger vehicle can fit 24, we usually say 18-24 depending on the size of the people on board. It's better to be completely transparent than to hide behind the numbers.

Can we smoke on board?

No. We have to ensure that the vehicle remains clean and safe. We offer unlimited comfort stops in order to allow all guests to smoke, use the bathroom, or go into a bar or restaurant.

What comes with the limo?

Other than the best transportation that you've ever had? Seriously though, we provide cups, ice, and napkins.

Whoa you don't include beer?

Sorry but in order to keep our costs low (and to remain in business) we cannot provide any alcohol. We can only provide transportation.

Who can you recommend in other places?

We recommen Limo Service Sacramento and Party Bus Ft Wayne.

What if I forget something?

Let us know. If we recovered the item after our routine inspection, we'll be happy to give it back to you barring you can give us a description of the item if your name is not located on it anywhere.